Rider Agreement

Rental Agreement


In consideration of Your use of any of the Services (defined below) provided by Operator (defined below), Operator requires that You (“Rider,” “You,” or “Your”) (acting for all of Rider’s family, heirs, agents, affiliates, representatives, successors, and assigns) agree to all terms and conditions in this Rental Agreement, Waiver of Liability and Release (“Agreement”).

The services provided by Operator include, among other things, (1) the rental and/or use of its electric vehicles (“Vehicle” or “Vehicles”), and (2) all other related equipment, support, services, and information provided or made available by Operator (collectively, the “Services”).

In addition, use of Services may require use of a mobile application (“App”) developed and owned by the Technology Services Provider (as defined below). The App is subject to the Technology Services Provider’s Terms of Service, located at http://ridelly.com/terms/, which you expressly agreed to when you signed up for the App. You further understand and agree that all personal information that is held by Technology Services Provider and pertains to Riders, including all names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, payment information, and other information will be kept by Technology Services Provider in accordance with its Privacy Policy, located at http://ridelly.com/privacy.

You should CAREFULLY READ all terms and conditions before entering into this Agreement. Here is a partial list of some of the terms that Operator wants to bring to Your initial attention in the event You are on a smartphone or other device with a small screen.  Capitalized terms have the meanings given to them where defined in this Agreement.


●       You must end your ride on the App at the conclusion of the ride.

●       Upon conclusion of your ride, the Vehicle must not be parked at a prohibited parking spot, i.e. unauthorized private property, in a locked area, blocking the right of way, or in any other unapproved non-public space.

●       All applicable laws and regulations (including, without limitation, those applicable to traffic, pedestrians, parking, and charging Vehicles) must be obeyed, including any helmet laws in Your area. See 1.7.

●       You must promptly report any damaged or malfunctioning Vehicles to Operator via the App or e-mail.


Operator expressly agrees to let, and the Rider expressly agrees to take on, rental of the Vehicle subject to the terms and conditions set out herein


1.1    Rider is Responsible Party. The Rider is the sole renter and is solely responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions contained herein for any Vehicle activated via the App on Your account.  You understand that when You activate a Vehicle, You assume full and complete responsibility and liability for use of that Vehicle by yourself or any other person. Unless expressly authorized by Operator, Vehicles must be operated only by You and You shall not allow others to operate a Vehicle that You have activated.

1.2    Rider is At Least 18 Years Old.  Rider represents and certifies that Rider is at least 18 years old.

1.3    Rider is a Competent Vehicle Operator.  Rider represents and certifies that he/she is familiar with the operation of the Vehicle, is reasonably competent and physically fit to ride the Vehicle, and has reviewed the safety materials provided by Operator via the App and/or other materials.   By choosing to ride a Vehicle, Rider assumes all responsibilities and risks for any injuries or medical conditions.  You are responsible for determining whether conditions, including, without limitation, rain, fog, snow, hail, ice, heat or electrical storms, make it dangerous to operate a Vehicle.  You are advised to adjust Your riding behavior and braking distance to suit the weather, visibility, surrounding environment, and traffic conditions.

1.4    Vehicle is the Exclusive Property of Operator.  Rider agrees that the Vehicle and any Operator equipment attached thereto, at all times, remain the exclusive property of Operator and/or its lessors/licensors.  You must not dismantle, write on, or otherwise modify, repair or deface a Vehicle, any part of a Vehicle, or other Operator equipment in any way.  You must not write on, peel, or otherwise modify or deface any sticker on a Vehicle in any way.  You must not use a Vehicle, or other Operator equipment, for any advertising or other commercial purpose without the express written permission of Operator.

1.5    Vehicle Operating Hours and Vehicle Availability.  Rider agrees and acknowledges that the Vehicles may not be available 24 hours a day, 7 days/week, 365 days per year.  Vehicles must be rented during operating hours and within the maximum rental time limits set forth below.  The number of Vehicles are limited and Vehicle availability is never guaranteed. Rider agrees that Operator may require Rider to return a Vehicle at any time.

1.6    Operating Area.  Rider agrees not to use, operate, and/or ride the Vehicle in any no-ride zone or outside permitted service areas, and further agrees not to move or transport the Vehicle except as expressly authorized by Operator.

1.7    Rider Must Follow Laws Regarding Use and/or Operation of Vehicle.  Rider agrees to follow all laws pertaining to the use, riding, parking, charging, and/or operation of the Vehicle, including all state and local laws and the rules and regulations pertaining to Vehicles in the area where You are operating the Vehicle, including any helmet laws.  Rider also agrees to act with courtesy and respect toward others while using the Services.

1.8    Prohibited Acts.  Rider agrees to the following:

●       Operator recommends against operation of a Vehicle while carrying or holding a briefcase, backpack, bag, or other item that can alter balance, add extra weight, or impair safe operation of the Vehicle.  If You choose to use such an item, You do so at your own peril; Operator recommends that You ensure the item fits snugly to Your body or is otherwise secured, and does not impede Your ability to operate the Vehicle safely.

●       You must not place any objects on the handlebar of the Vehicle, such as backpacks or bags.

●       While riding a Vehicle, You must not use any cellular telephone, text messaging device, portable music player, or other device that may distract You from operating the Vehicle safely.

●       You must not operate a Vehicle while under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, medication, or other substance that may impair Your ability to operate a Vehicle safely.

●       Except when passengers are expressly permitted under local regulations, You must not carry a second person or child on a Vehicle. You agree to be responsible for all acts or omissions of, or claims by or relating to, any additional persons who you permit to use Vehicles or Services.

●       You may only use locking mechanisms provided by Operator.  You may not add another lock to the Vehicle or lock a Vehicle other than in accordance with Operator’s instructions.

●       The Vehicle must not be parked at a prohibited parking spot. The Vehicle cannot be parked on unauthorized private property, in a locked area, blocking the right of way, or in any other unapproved non-public space.  You should not park the Vehicle in heavily trafficked areas if the Vehicle is in danger of being knocked down.

●       The Vehicle must be parked in a space that is visible, and in an upright position using the kickstand.

1.9    Vehicle is Intended for Only Limited Types of Use.  Rider agrees that he/she will not use the Vehicle for racing, mountain riding, or stunt or trick riding.  Rider agrees that he/she will not operate and/or use the Vehicle on unpaved roads, through water (beyond normal urban riding), or in any location that is prohibited, illegal, and/or a nuisance to others.  Rider agrees that he/she will not use the Vehicle for hire or reward, nor use it in violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.

1.10  Weight and Cargo Limits.  You must not exceed the maximum weight limit for the Vehicle.

1.11  No Tampering; No Unauthorized Use.  You must not tamper with, attempt to gain unauthorized access to, or otherwise use the Services other than as specified in this Agreement.

1.12  Reporting of Damage or Crashes; Traffic Violations and Enforcement.  Rider must report any accident, crash, damage, personal injury traffic violation, or stolen or lost Vehicle to Operator as soon as possible.  If a crash involves personal injury, property damage, or a stolen Vehicle, Rider shall file a report with the local police department within 24 hours.  Rider agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any misuse, consequences, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, costs and expenses, penalties, attorney’s fees, judgments, suits or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever related to a stolen or lost Vehicle.

Rider agrees that traffic violations and related citations, fines or impound charges are at the risk and expense of the Rider, including in connection with improper or unauthorized parking at the end of the rental period.

Rider agrees and acknowledges that Operator may cooperate with law enforcement to provide any information necessary as they may request or may otherwise be required.

1.13  Rider Responsibility for Vehicle Use and Damage.  Rider agrees to return the Vehicle to Operator in the same condition in which it was rented.   Operator reserves the right to charge You for damage to the Vehicles caused by you or others (including any vandalism), water damage, or theft, up to the value of the Vehicle plus administrative and processing fees. Rider will not be responsible for normal wear and tear incurred in the ordinary use of the Vehicle.

1.14  Electric Vehicle.  The Vehicle is an electric vehicle that requires periodic charging of its battery in order to operate.  Rider agrees to use and operate the Vehicle safely and prudently in light of the Vehicle being an electric vehicle and all of the limitations and requirements associated therewith.  Rider understands and agrees with each of the following:

●       The level of charge power remaining in the Vehicle will decrease with use of the Vehicle (over both time and distance), and that as the level of charge power of the Vehicle decreases, the speed and other operational capabilities of the Vehicle may decrease (or cease in their entirety).

●       The level of charging power in the Vehicle at the time Rider initiates the rental or operation of the Vehicle is not guaranteed and will vary with each rental use.

●       The rate of loss of charging power during the use of the Vehicle is not guaranteed and will vary based on the Vehicle, road conditions, weather conditions, and other factors.

●       It is Rider’s responsibility to check the level of charge power in the Vehicle and to ensure that it is adequate before initiating operation of the Vehicle.

●       The distance and/or time that Rider may operate the Vehicle before it loses charging power is never guaranteed.

●       The Vehicle may run out of charging power and cease to operate at any time during Rider’s rental of the Vehicle, including before reaching Rider’s desired destination.

1.15  No Charging of Vehicle.  If the Vehicle runs out of charging power during a rental, Rider shall conclude the ride in compliance with all terms of this Agreement.

Rider agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for any misuse, consequences, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, property or fire or other damages, injuries, costs, and expenses, penalties, attorney’s fees, judgments, suits, or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever related to Rider charging or attempting to charge the Vehicle.  By choosing to charge a Vehicle, Rider assumes full and complete responsibility for all related risks, dangers, and hazards, and Rider agrees that Operator and all other Released Persons (defined below in Section 15) are not responsible for any injury, damage, or cost caused by Rider with respect to any person or property, including the Vehicle itself, directly or indirectly related to the charging of the Vehicle.

1.16  Mobile Device Requirements and Active Internet Connection. Unless otherwise instructed by Operator in writing, to activate Services with the App, You must use a smartphone or any other (mobile) device that meets the technical requirements for and is compatible with the App. Certain functions of the App, such as the possibility to register with the Technology Services Provider, to unlock, rent and end the rental of the Vehicle require that the App has an active network connection. You are responsible for the availability and costs of Your mobile data communication services. You are also responsible for ensuring that Your mobile device has adequate battery capacity. Neither Operator nor Technology Services Provider shall be responsible if You are unable to unlock, use or end the ride of the Vehicle as a result of lost or interrupted network connection, mobile device malfunction, or depleted battery. You shall remain responsible for and Operator may charge You all costs (including rental fees) incurred until the ride is ended.

1-17: Group rental: The Operator as well as the Technology Service Provider may allow you ("Host") to activate an estimated number of vehicles for rental (a) obligations arising from the Hosting, the Host being singular or combined with Hosts is in compliance with all terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement as well as for To the hosts (guests) regarding payments and other expenses related to the rental of the vehicle, as well as for all claims or damages and injuries that may occur and caused by the guests. The host agrees and acknowledges that any guest will be responsible and read the terms and conditions of this agreement and then agree to it and the privacy policy applicable to it. In addition to the foregoing, the Host shall certify that he has read the contents of this Agreement and acknowledges and acknowledges its responsibilities and signs that the following are true:

• All guests are aged 18 years and over.

• The host must take into account the full responsibility in the event of damage or injury.

• Only one hosted vehicle per vehicle.

• The host pays all dues for the leased vehicles.

• The Host agrees to pay compensation to the Operator and the Technology Service Provider and to any of the Hosts in the event of any physical injury to any of them.

• The host shall enable the guests to view and read the contents of this agreement on their mobile devices.

• The host agrees to be responsible for all parking and charges due as a result of poor parking that may be passed on to the host.

(b) Guest obligations. Before boarding the vehicle as a guest, the guest must add their email address in the Application and agree to all applicable terms and conditions of this Agreement.


2.1    Fees.  Rider may use the Vehicle in accordance with the pricing described in the App, which may include a ride start fee, fees based on distance or time (with time rounded up to the nearest minute), and/or a required minimum fee. Pricing is subject to change.  In each case, fees and other charges may include applicable taxes and other local government charges.  You will be charged (through credit card, debit card, or another agreed payment method) the amount of the fees as described in this Agreement and the App, including any recurring payment you choose.

The Passenger agrees that the Operator may, at its sole discretion, pay all Traffic Violations, Booking Fees, Fines and/or Direct Charges on behalf of the Passenger to the relevant authority or relevant authority. If the operator is required to pay and/or take action on such fees or associated costs, the passenger agrees that the operator may charge you a fee for the amount paid plus a reasonable administrative fee for dealing with those actions; You will be given notice of such costs or fees.

2.2    Referral and/or Promotional Codes.

Operator may, in its sole discretion, create referral and/or promotional codes ("Promo Codes") that may be used for discounts or credits on Services or other features or benefits provided by Operator, subject to any additional terms that Operator establishes. You agree that Promo Codes: (i) must be used for the intended audience and purpose, and in a lawful manner; (ii) may not be duplicated, sold or transferred in any manner, unless expressly permitted by Operator; (iii) may be disabled by Operator at any time for any reason without liability to Operator; (iv) may only be used pursuant to the specific terms that Operator establishes for such Promo Code (and to the extent applicable, the Technology Services Provider); (v) are not valid for cash; (vi) may be subject to quantity or value limits; and (vii) may expire prior to your use. Operator reserves the right to withhold or deduct credits or other features or benefits obtained through the use of the referral system or Promo Codes by you or any other user in the event that it determines or believes that the use of the referral system or use or redemption of the Promo Code was in error, fraudulent, illegal, or otherwise in violation of this Agreement or specific terms applicable to such Promo Codes.

2.3    Maximum Rental Time and Charges.   Rider agrees that Rider will deactivate the Vehicle rental within 24 hours of renting a Vehicle.  Rider may then rent again.  Rider agrees that he/she is solely responsible for being aware of the length of any elapsed ride time.   After return of the Vehicle, Rider will be charged the accumulated rental charges.

Rental time will be calculated from the moment of unlocking the Vehicle through the App until the Rider receives the confirmation through the App that the ride has been ended. If You end the ride incorrectly, this may result in the Ride not being terminated. If the ride is not ended properly, the Ride will continue and the Rider will continue to be charged. If you have technical issues terminating a ride for any reason, you should report this through the App immediately.  Failure to report an issue in terminating a ride may result in continued charges.

Vehicles not returned (with the ride concluded) within 48 hours will be considered lost or stolen, and Rider may be charged up to the value of the Vehicle plus administrative and processing fees.  Operator may also charge additional service fees for rentals in excess of 24 hours where the Vehicle is not lost or stolen.

2.4    Valid Payment Method.  To be registered to use the Services, Rider must provide a valid credit, debit card or prepaid card number and expiration date or other valid payment method information.  Rider represents and warrants to Operator that Rider is authorized to use any credit, debit or prepaid card or other payment method information Rider furnishes to Operator.  By providing your payment method, You agree that Operator is authorized (through the Technology Services Provider and/or any third party payment providers) to charge You for your ride and any other fees incurred by Rider under this Agreement, including all applicable governmental and regulatory charges and applicable sales and other taxes.

When you provide a payment method or in accordance with Operator policies, our system will attempt to verify the information you entered. We may do this by processing an authorization hold, which is a standard practice.  We do not charge you in connection with this authorization hold. If Your payment method expires and You do not update your information or cancel your account, You authorize us to continue billing, and You will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. We reserve the right to retry billing all payment method(s) on file after any failed billing attempt. You will remain liable for all such amounts and all costs incurred in connection with the collection of these amounts, including, without limitation, bank overdraft fees, collection agency fees, reasonable attorneys' fees, and arbitration or court costs.

Rider agrees that Operator may, in its sole discretion, pay all traffic tickets, impound fees, fines and/or charges on Rider’s behalf directly to the appropriate authority or applicable party. If Operator is required to pay and/or process such fees or associated costs, Rider agrees that Operator may charge You for the amount paid plus a reasonable administration charge for dealing with these matters; You will be provided notice of any such costs or fees.

In the event Operator uses a third party collection and/or administrative agent to resolve any tickets, damages, infringements of law or of this Agreement, fines and/or penalties, Rider agrees to pay all costs and collection fees including, but not limited to, administrative and legal costs to such agent upon demand without protest.

If Rider disputes any charge on Rider’s payment method, then Rider must contact Operator within 10 business days from the end of the month with the disputed charge, and provide to Operator all trip information that is necessary to identify the disputed charge, such as the date of the trip and the approximate starting and ending times of the ride associated with the disputed charge.  Rider agrees to immediately inform Operator of all changes relating to the payment method.

If You have agreed to make automatic or recurring payments, such payments will continue until you cancel or your account is terminated. You can cancel by following the instructions on the App. If You cancel, You may use any remaining balance on your account but may not be able to continue using Services until you have reauthorized an applicable payment method. Operator may continue to charge your payment method for any additional fees or charges incurred under this Agreement.

2.5    Pick Up Fees.  If You are unable to return a Vehicle to a valid area (i.e. You deactivate the Vehicle on private property, a locked community, or another unreachable area), and request that the Vehicle be picked up by Operator staff, Operator, at its sole discretion, may charge You a pick-up fee.  If any Vehicle accessed under Your account is abandoned without notice, You will be responsible for all trip fees until the Vehicle is recovered and deactivated, plus a service charge to recover the Vehicle.  Fees are subject to change.


3.1    Safety Check.  Before each use of a Vehicle, Rider shall conduct a basic safety inspection of the Vehicle, which includes inspecting the following: (i) trueness of the wheels; (ii) safe operation of the throttle, all brakes and lights; (iii) good condition of the frame; (iv) sufficient battery charge power; and (iv) any sign of damage, unusual or excessive wear, or other open and obvious mechanical problem/maintenance need.  Rider agrees not to ride the Vehicle if there are any noticeable issues, and to immediately notify customer service to alert Operator of any problems.

3.2    Lost or Stolen Vehicle.  A Vehicle may be deemed lost or stolen if (a) the Vehicle is not returned within 24 consecutive hours, (b) the Vehicle’s GPS unit is disabled, (c) the Vehicle is parked on unauthorized private property, in a locked area, or in any other non-public space for more than ten minutes after a ride ends, (d) the Vehicle moves more than thirty feet after a rental has ended and Operator believes such movement was not caused by another Rider or authorized third party, or (e) other facts and circumstances that suggest to Operator in its reasonable, good faith determination that a Vehicle has been lost or stolen.  Operator and You agree that the last Rider of a Vehicle shall be responsible for a lost or stolen Vehicle unless facts and circumstances suggest otherwise to Operator in its reasonable, good faith determination.  If Operator deems a Vehicle lost or stolen, Operator shall have the authority to take any and all actions it deems appropriate (with respect to the last Rider of a Vehicle or otherwise), including (without limitation) obtaining restitution and other appropriate compensation and damages and filing a police report with local authorities.  Rider agrees the data generated by Operator’s systems (including those provided by Technology Services Provider) is conclusive evidence of the period of use of a Vehicle by a Rider.  Rider agrees to report Vehicle disappearance or theft to Operator immediately or as soon as possible.

3.3    Helmets; Safety. Riders shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Operator recommends that all Riders wear a helmet meeting appropriate standards that has been properly sized, fitted and fastened according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Operator and all other Released Persons (defined below in Section 15) do not represent or warrant the quality or safety characteristics of any helmet, and Rider agrees that none of the Released Persons is liable for any injury suffered by Rider while using any of the Services, whether or not Rider is wearing a helmet at the time of injury.  Rider assumes all risk of not wearing a helmet or other protective gear.  Rider may need to take additional safety measures or precautions not specifically addressed in this Agreement.

3.4    Vehicle Routes.  Rider agrees that Operator does not provide or maintain places to ride Vehicles, and that Operator does not guarantee that there will always be a safe place to ride a Vehicle.  Roads, sidewalks, vehicle lanes, and vehicle routes may become dangerous due to weather, traffic, or other hazards.

3.5    Limitations on Vehicle Rental.  Rider agrees that Operator is not a common carrier.  Alternative means of public and private transportation are available to the general public and to Rider individually, including public buses and rail service, taxis, and pedestrian paths.  Operator provides Vehicles only as a convenience, and such rental availability is intended to be used only by those persons who are able and qualified to operate a Vehicle on their own and who have agreed to all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

4.      Termination. At any time and from time to time, and without Rider’s consent, Operator may unilaterally terminate Rider’s right to use the Services, in Operator’s sole discretion and without any notice or cause.  Rider may terminate Rider’s use of the Services at any time; provided, however, that (i) no refund will be provided by Operator, (ii) the term of this Agreement continues in accordance with this Agreement, and (iii) Rider may still be charged any applicable additional fees in accordance with this Agreement. This Agreement remains in full force and effect, in accordance with its terms and conditions, after any termination of Rider’s right to use any of the Services, regardless of how the Agreement is terminated.

5.      Confidentiality of Information; Privacy Policies. You understand and agree that all personal information that is held by Operator (or shared with Operator by Technology Services Provider in accordance with its Privacy Policy) and that pertains to Riders, including all names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, payment information, and other information, will be kept by Operator in accordance with its privacy policy.

6.      License to Image and Likeness.  For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged, You do hereby knowingly, voluntarily, and irrevocably: (1) give Your full and unconditional consent to Operator and its affiliates, successors, and assigns to use at any time and from time to time, without any restriction, Your appearance and voice in photographs, videos, and other recordings related to Your use of the Services, on all websites and for all press, promotional, advertising, publicity, and other commercial purposes, including all formats and media, whether now known or hereafter devised, throughout the world and in perpetuity; (2) grant to Operator and its affiliates, successors, and assigns (a) the right to photograph, videotape, and otherwise record Your appearance and voice related to Your use of the Services, at any time and from time to time, (b) all rights, copyrights, title, and interests in the results of such photographs, videos, and other recordings, as a work for hire for copyright purposes, and (c) the right to use, reproduce, exhibit, distribute, transmit, alter, and exploit, at any time and from time to time and as Operator may decide in its sole discretion, such photographs, videos, and other recordings, or any component thereof, and all related merchandising, promotions, advertising, and publicity; and (3) waive, release, and discharge all Released Persons from all Claims (defined below in Section 15) that You have or may have for any libel, defamation, invasion of privacy, right of publicity, infringement of copyright, or violation of any right granted by You in this paragraph.

7.      Notice.  Operator may be contacted by emailing hello@Ridelly.com or by website www.ridelly.com


Rider is aware that Rider’s use of any of the Services, Vehicles, App, and related equipment involves obvious and not-so-obvious risks, dangers, and hazards that may result in injury or death to Rider or others and damage to property, and that such risks, dangers, and hazards cannot always be predicted or avoided.  Risks, dangers, and hazards, include, but are not limited to:

●       vehicles and other objects;

●       pedestrians;`

●       traffic;

●       road conditions;

●       weather conditions;

●       failure to follow applicable laws regarding use and/or operation of the Vehicle pursuant to Section 1.7;

●       commission of any of the prohibited acts listed in Section 1.8;

●       failure to wear a helmet where required by law; and

●       negligent acts or omissions by Operator, any other Released Person, Rider, or third party.

Rider is solely and fully responsible for the safe operation of Vehicle at all times.  Rider agrees that Vehicles are machines that may malfunction, even if the Vehicle is properly maintained and that such malfunction may cause injury.  Rider assumes full and complete responsibility for all related risks, dangers, and hazards.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, this release and hold harmless agreement includes any and all Claims related to or arising from the sole or partial negligence of Operator, the Released Parties, any Municipality or any other party. Rider hereby expressly waives any claims against the Released Parties, any Municipality or any other party which Rider does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of use of Services, and expressly waives Rider’s rights under any statutes that purport to preserve Rider’s unknown claims.